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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 6, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this... is a ive looo at thee romney campaign headqqarters in bostonnthousands of people... supporting thhe republican state polls close...and he wwns electoral vooes ...and here's a live look at &ppresident barack obama's supporters... awaiting word of who wins... key... battle-ground states../....and - eventually - the white house hello, i'm jeff barnd barndand i'm jenniier gilbert wiih ive ellccion night coveragelets et right to the ns numbershere's a look at he maryland was decided almost as soon as the polls closed... here are the nnmbers in this state
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the popular vote is one tting...but to win... you need toowin the electoral college. here's where the map stands right now since... this... is... such a lose race../.polls ... in....some states ... a winner... as not... - bben declared.
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thht willlplay a keyyrole in deciding who will win the white ouse.ww're talking about ohio...which closed at 7- 30 this evvningfloridd... which closed at 8 this eveeing......virginia all with &plarge amounts of electoraa votes...which will decide this racethe margin in florida is razoo thin right's an explanation from our sister station... w-p-eec in west palm beach florida.. to realll late
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if you cast your vvte ttday, line.voters showed up early tt this polling site in ccckeysville ... some waiting leaving. the clloe race and hot button baallo quustions made for long lines round the state .... evennwith a record more than 400 thousandd it was worth the waitt..
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"its worth the two hour wait..some people ight have the two hour wait." pait." as of o'clock onight... the board of elections says 173 thousand marylanders have come out to vote... thhts about 48 here in maryland...its the &pballot questions thht people &paar watching tonight live team coverage.../ pcross... the state... with... peolple supporting... ann... opposing theedream act.../...and... first...same .. - sex... marriage marriagehere's a llok at the numbers right now... lib> we go llve to jeff abell in downtown baltimore......where marriage are gathering tonight
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maryland lawmakers held a special ssssion to expand gambling in maryland......but voters wanted a say on it...
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and gottenough signatures... todayhere's where it tands y right now... now... 3 john ryddll... treaming live from national harbor in prince georges county...where supporters are rallying tonight. tonight... &p every congressman in marylaad
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is up for election tonight tonighthere are the results of some f the key races here disttict...where dutch lib>ersberger...>- here's a look at maryllnd'ss 7th district...where elljah cums cummings
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maryland's 6thhdistrict shows roscoe bartlett bartlett 3 ...and here;; a llok at maryland's 1st congressional district watchhng all theseevotes very c. closely...republicans are rallyiig innlinnhicum ttnight...watching these ballot questions... and the race for the white house house 3 &p theeinternet played a key role
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from he race or the white ... house... to theeballoo questions here in maayland marylandit's... also on... election day...//paul gesslerr.. joins us... from our ....ocial mmdia desk../.witt... a... look at... what's happening... online... paul pauljeff, jennifer-- all ddy, people have been telling us just how long or 3 kathyypitkevits told uu it was the "longest line i've ever had to wait through but that's a good thing i think." think."here's a picture a dan bonginoosupporter posted from garrett county.snow did not
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keep him from going to the polls, butthe tweeted me... saying one precinct there could not open.((reads candidate tweet)) we'll be rrading your faaebook posts on our foxbalttmooe page. you caa tweet me, or use the hashtag '#vote20122'i''l be tte night.jeff-- 3 3 3 "i'm going to vote for my
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preeident- bows head" not even old age can the polls... despite a number 3 of obstacles. maryland voters weighed tonight...the results... when we come back
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&palso... said... illegal - immigrants... shoull be able... to pay... p in-state tuition... at... maryland colleges../.that's... on the ballot... as well tonighh...// tooight...//here's... where it stands... right now...// now...// 33 keith in fells point.../ where... their
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sspporters arr rallying... keith keiih
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maryland...was ecided almost as soon as the polls closed... senator ben cardin... has been elected to another 6 year term perm party...karen... what are - supporters saying there toniggt
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3 a member of the nnw black panther party is
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back outtide a philadelphia -p. this video of jerry jackson... a designated poll atchhr... wearing the group'' trademarr uniform. youumay recall thhs scene from 2208... when members of the group were accused of initimidating voters at a hiily polling site ... you can see one of thhm armed with a billy club. arrested ... bbttthe harges were dropped.and thissyear, ccitics worry he's at it again. iq: one would hope that authorities .... oq:: unintimidated ote." vvte." there were alsooreports of new black panther partyymembers at polling sites in cleveeann, not carrying cllbs or were --3 gathering in groups.
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3 & 3
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across the country are getting their say say...joining us now is armstrong williams... tt help us analyze what's gging on toniggt...
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as we showed you earlier, linesswere long and voterr turnout was huge today in maryland.but for some eager vottrs...they wereeunable to vo. vote.janice park live tonight at a polling station in north
10:30 pm tell us about some the glitcces ppoplee janice?jennifer, . janice? people definately came outt..and in some places waiting in tww hour 3 liness..wrapped around buildings like this you can imagine their dismayy when asked to fill out a provisional ballot.people say it waa extremely disappointing because there are so manyy historic local issues on the david cohen as beee voting at high schooo for the past 10 years...after waiting in those long linesslike veryone else...he was told that he hhd áalready voted....which he says waa ánot the had to fill out a provisional ballot.cohen thinks it was a with the board of elections &pwho says there aae several reasons why something like this would have happened.somm examplessare...a person may have reqqested an abssetee
10:31 pm they were flaggee. or...they are in the wrong conggeesional district...even sometimes peopll are simply ánot registered: "ttere's a llt of local issues that very very importann that need to be voted oo, every vote countt, iidoubtti'll be the deciding vote, but if it does, i wanttto knoo my vote was counted properly" properly" "people say thhy only count if person is eligable to vote, they will and do count" provisional ballots weee a election....where across the ballots...and about a thirddof those were discounttd for one reason or another.the board of
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elections aasures us ach provisional ballot will be looked at and counted...if 3 33 (wheeling away from booth)"thank you.. thank you god...." " t 99... she's seen nearly a cennury of politics... the challenges she overcame to vote in this election. 3
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speaks on social media.paul gessler has been monitoring paul--the eyes f the couutry tonight to see what voters six, the same- sex marriage refeeendum. @j-ree-evolves: hhpe the projection on quession 6 is right. mm would be the first ptate to vote for marriage @hrc: senator-elect tammy sonn6-
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openly gay .s. seeator nationally and in 3 major oh cities) 33 ,3
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a woman determined to vote ... the drastic measures she ttok to cass her ballot before giving birth. (her face) " i wwat to be sure i can vvte.. vote." challenges this enior to make it to the -
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[woman singing in french] [crash] [thud] [bumping] announcer: you didn't give up on sex. don't give up on birth control, either. there are more methods than you think. find yours at por one illinois woman this
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was her first time votiig in a presidential election... and her--- not eeen giving birth. this is 21-yeaa-old galicia malone.she mmde it to the pools thii morningg.. even thhugg her water had broken and he was going into labor. malone was en routeeto the hospital... when she etoured ... casting her ballot whiie her contractions wwre about five minutes apart... malone finally ade it to the hospital afterr oting... nn word on wheeher its a boy or ggir. 3 among ... the... voters... castinggtteir pallot... todaa,.../ a.... woman ...from... northwest baltiiore... ho... is... just aafew months ...shy... of kathleen cairnn eports ...//, harriet jones... isnnt... letting her age... revent
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president. 3 (voice-"be real careful") harriet as been waating for this day: "i'm going to vote for my president- bows head" herjouuney: just two miles: (vvice)"ya thhnk ou can et me in that ar? yeah we can ggt you in ttere."(mannlifts wheelchair)she hooes the trek will decide thh destiny of a nation. (in car close on harriet)"im 99 now i will be 100 in february,."haariet was boon inn1913... when william paft was president... as a young wommn... he remembers casting her first vote: for franklin roosevelt.(voice only)"im so glad to be able to vote"she aarives at ashbuuton elementary school:(voice)"look at the people here.."there are llnn linee... (harriet)"if i vote for ne person.. im ready to go home... laugh"(man att counter)"fiist name"(nurse and harriet)"right where the x is" harriet recalll prior presidential racee:(harriet) "when you call the nnmes i'll remember... did you vote orr
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poncerned about the past.... &p(in booth)"she his is real hard for me tooreach"ttis nearly 100 year old is only concerned about the future. (in bboth)"now what do i do now?"(close from front)"i till you push the buttom.. phich buttom"-nat pop-""ot one oh thank you"""bare-ick obama and joe bidenni want to vote for them"there's a long list know what its about"but harriet '' quess to decide who lives in the white house for theenext 4 years.. is complett. (wheeling away from booth)"thank you.. thank you god... " her civic duty: done. ("heres you sticker that says.. i voted..") in northwest baltt voice " i want to be sure i can vote." kc foxx45 newssat ten
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hundreds offpeople... in... this area.../ who... got polling placee.../ this election is full of hot
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button issues... that have been lighting up the internet. 3 paul gessler... joins us....from our media desk../.with... a... look at... what's trending... online... pal paul (paul) #vvteobama#tim kainebrendon
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ayanbadejo not being uiet tonight, either 33 3
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